Wednesday, September 23, 2009

waiting, waiting and waiting for so long time already.
but why still not yet comes to me?
i want this for many year already...
is this my problem?
i think so...
just because of my personality?
i also dunno...
why people can make it so easily?
haiz...sad about it..
nothing i can do...just wait for time to comes.

to friend - bless for me the best...hehee

A new thing for me - 2

Sunday, September 13, 2009

1st shoe bag for me...
nike too...
this shoe bag...i choose for long time..
confusing on buying adidas , nike or puma.
but finally choose nike.
because the space of the bag is larger.
compare to the other bags.
this bag is black in colour. but my camera is low quality so...paise a....
this is his look.

front view
on the top view
side view
i am going crazy on nike items.
hahahaa.....getting crazy on it.

and to ms. FOO HUI TENG - happy birthday to u...hahhaa
wish u happy always....always so beautiful
but also hope will be more and more beautiful in future.

a new thing for me

Friday, September 11, 2009

yeah today buy a new sport shoe...
love this shoe damn much..
it does't not look like a sport shoe.
lol...but it is a sport shoe....
i ask the sales girl few times for comfirm that is this a sport shoe?
she reply me yes for few times also...hahaa funny la that girl.
i feel very nice ....yea...price also reasonable.
here is some of the pic of him...hehe

but now i got a problem of it...
can u guys help me to choose which colour of the shoelace will suit it better?
the white is better or the black ?
please help me..

Movie - KungFu Cyborg

Monday, August 31, 2009

this movie....erm....
can say ok only....
some parts are funny but is not as interesting as the title say...
the most funny part for me is when 罗家英 come out...the only you...
hahaa...think back also feel funny about it..but he just come out 2 part only..
after the movie ....all my friend also giving the same comment lol...
means...u know lo....
so when u finish the movie maybe u will say the same thing as everybody thinking of...
thsi movie not as expected lo...lol...."ma ma" lo


52 for malaysia .....
erm.....anything special for me?
ya...i enjoy this year merdeka eve...
having fun with many of my friends....love u guys so much...
where i go?
lol...can't let u know...hahaaa
just go out for "wet"
thats what i can say.
this time really wet until my shoe and short also...lol
really fun for this night....

just wish everybody have fun on this 52 malaysia independent day.
hope H1N1 gogogo shu....

hehe sorry ya

Tuesday, August 18, 2009

hey guys sorry ya give u all wait so long.
very busy for these few weeks ..
erm..busy for my study things.
heheh lie de...i where will study de.
know me de, jao know lo..
erm....just lazy to blog seems nothing interesting so..
erm...ACCA result just out yesterday.
congrads to people who pass.
erm...seems like many people can pass this time..
know that few of my friend are very hardworking study this time.
so congrads to u all.
i din take any exam this time..so hehe .
but very worry for them this time..dunno why maybe all also my best friend gua.
but when they tell me that they have good result.
happy from me to them. dunno why
so now is time for me to kampateh also..
coming december will have exam so ..this time 3 paper for me..
hard le...law paper ...just killing me
hate it.
so....hehe just wait for my next post lo...
joy from - jlim ^.^


Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Today early morning as usual.
wake up and open my computer for internet.
about 11.30 am ...lol
i receive a call from my dad.
he tell me that under the aquarium gt a new computer he call me to use it.
i was blur at that time...
so went down for a look.
walau really a com for me.
here is the look of it

all in HP.
hehe thanks dad...
erm...need to find my SH buddy czy for some help for the adding things..
i think he is more pro then me lol...
erm...i will be going to johor this friday.
hehe happy. althought many things happen these few day. but also gt some good things is waiting for me.
and for NWL.. hope u will get well soon.
aiyak...sorry a...the photo is
jasonlimmh.blogspot.com NOT jasonlimmh@hotmail.com
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